Winner of the MTM Awards 2015

MTM South West Asian & Ethnic Minorities Awards 2015

Celebrating the Excellence of Asian & Ethnic Minorities in the South West.

The MTM South West Asian Awards were launched in January 2012 to celebrate the excellence of Asians in the region. Over three hundred were nominated for the 23 Awards , ranging from business to professional services.




An honour for those that have excelled in business and or community projects.
Kalpna Woolf was recognised and applauded for her work as a leading business woman and her work in bringing together the 91 language communities of Bristol together.

She said:

“Bristol was built by giants such as Brunel, Samuel Plimsoll, John Cabot and others and it is now our multi-cultural communities who are standing on the shoulders of these giants and working to make Bristol a great city. My mission is to let everyone know that our communities are inspiring, leading and making the best contribution to our city”.

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